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    Celebrating Diverse Cultures & Sampling of Different Cuisines

    School News

    16 May, 2022

    10 : 00

    • International Day

      The teachers, students, and parents at YWIS Rizhao gathered on 14 May to celebrate International Day through sharing of different national cultures, music, poetry and food. 

      A quick snapshot of activities on the day included:

      1. International Cultural Exchange - I Am a Little Teacher
      2. Promoting Traditional Culture - Chinese Storytelling
      3. Food Culture – Tasting of International Cuisines  
    • International Cultural Exchange


      Students had the opportunity to broaden their international horizons through learning to respect and appreciate different cultures through a huge array of activities. 

      • Promoting Traditional Culture - Chinese Storytelling
      • Food Culture - Tasting of International Cuisines


      Parents also participated actively. As an important part of the learning communities, parents’ involvement led to a better understanding of school life and learning outcomes of their children, as well as providing indispensable support for home-school cooperation. 

      Click here to read the full interview.