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    Green Thumbs on Display in Tree-Planting Drive

    School News

    12 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • After the spring rains in Rizhao and gradually warming weather, some peach blossoms along the streets arrived ahead of time, heralding the coming of spring.

      On 12 March, students from the Yew Wah International School of Rizhao visited the National Forest Park and participated in a public tree-planting event organised by the Rizhao Forestry Bureau. This added considerably more green to spring. The students formed themselves into several groups and arranged work assignments. With this collaborative approach, they had soon done the first sapling transplant. Others followed in quick succession.

      The Upper Primary students had researched the topic of environmental protection in project-based learning this academic year. This covered the ecological structure of rainforests, the relationship between carbon emissions and forests, and more. For these Upper Primary students, this was not just an escape to a forest outside the classroom, but an investment in time and heart to make the world a better place.

      Students from Lower Primary worked hard, ignoring soiled hands and sweaty foreheads. The sight of saplings planted firmly in the soil created a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

      Children from Early Childhood Education (ECE) were not frightened or put off by the large tools. They learned to cover the soil on the roots of the saplings as their older colleagues had done, and patted it around carefully.

      We hear the ECE children say: “Drink more water, and grow tall and big.” It appeared the saplings responded, “Eat more food, and grow tall and big.”

      Rizhao is a green city with forest coverage of almost 40 percent. Thanks to the efforts of our YWIS students today, this coverage might help those percentages up.