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    Are You Keeping a Healthy Diet?

    School News

    25 Jan, 2021

    10 : 00

    • When 2021 comes to us, the New Year wish we made becomes ‘To stay safe and healthy’. Through this outbreak, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of keeping health. To avoid exposure to COVID-19 pathogens, residents try to avoid frozen meat ingredients and look for other sources of protein.

      It is necessary to ensure both comprehensive nutrition and the safety of food. How to choose healthier food wisely has become an issue of concern. Recently in Yew Wah International School of Rizhao, Upper Primary students studied about how to choose healthy food.

      Students listed the food available in daily life, and made a list of nutrition ingredients through investigation. By comparing the nutrients, each of them would provide a healthy diet recipe and recommend it to the people around them.

      Ms Lua, the Western Co-teacher of Upper Primary, recommended the recipe of sun dried tomato burrito and nut pie. It contains abundant fiber, vitamins, good fats and a moderate amount of carbohydrates. The student used her recipes to make delicious burritos in the classroom and shared them with the school staff.

      Do you have any healthy recipes to recommend? Welcome to share with us!