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    ECE Leaves Students Entranced by Ultraviolet Light

    School News

    26 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Our Early Childhood Education (ECE) section has been holding activities related to the topic, ‘Ultraviolet’. The students tried their hand at several experiments that made a deep impression.

      They observed what different colours and materials look like under UV light, as well as changes of leaf colours under UV light. Weaving in the theme of ‘Autumn Art’, the children also did a crystal leaf rubbing experiment.

      The children collected fallen magnolia leaves around the campus and painted colours on the prominent veins with marker pens.

      Ms Lisa, a Western ECE teacher, painted UV glue all over the leaves, and put the leaves under UV light. The children counted down one minute with the teacher and were surprised to find that the glue, which had just been sticky and flowing seconds ago, turned solid and smooth.

      After tearing off the leaves under the solidified glue, a crystal rubbing was left in their hands. The veins of the leaves were clearly etched into the rubbings.

      All the participants marvelled at the beauty of UV art.