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    How to Preserve Autumn in 24 Hours

    School News

    23 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • It is the season when golden leaves cover the roads again. The Upper Primary of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao held a themed activity entitled ‘Autumn Art’.

      In what ways will you retain the beauty of autumn? Some people like to press the fallen red maple leaves in books. When the leaves dry up, you have a bookmark with a wonderful natural aroma. Some use sticks and strings to hang pinecones and favourite autumn field trip photos as decorations.

      Teachers and students from the Early Childhood Education (ECE) also participated in this ‘Autumn Art’ activity, contributing their creativity and skills to ‘preserve autumn’ with crystal epoxy. It also inspired Upper Primary students to make various crystal epoxy artworks.

      Ms Lisa from the ECE explains how to make crystal epoxy art.

      Materials: Two solution containers (A+B) to make the epoxy, a mixing cup, stirring stick, moulds, and autumn leaves.


      1. Mix solutions A and B together in the mixing cup as per the proportion specified on the instructions.
      2. Stir gently with a stirring stick for two minutes until the solution becomes transparent.
      3. Put autumn leaves into the mould and gently lower them with one hand till they appear to ‘hang’ above the bottom of the mould. Then pour the clear solution into the mould with your free hand.
      4. Let the filled mould rest for seven to eight hours.
      5. Remove the solidified epoxy from the mould.
      6. Use high mesh sandpaper to polish the crystal epoxy.

      Compared with dried book-pressed specimens, crystal epoxy has the advantage of retaining vivid colours that do not fade. It is also highly durable. The process is simple and you can make an original ‘autumn art’ at home. You are welcome to share your works with us on WeChat at the Yew Wah International School of Rizhao.