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    Batman Only Scared of His Mother, but How Did He Sneak into YWIS?

    School News

    22 Oct, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Suddenly, excited screams were heard outside the Lower Primary classroom. It was October 22, 2020, and a mysterious caped crusader had been spotted in the classroom.

      Did Batman visit the Yew Wah International School of Rizhao?

      This semester, the Lower Primary has been involved in project-based learning (PBL) with the theme, ‘Heroes’. Part of this project was, ‘Batman visits the classroom’. Delighted that the popular movie hero had appeared in person, the students couldn’t wait to interview the superhero.

      "Are you afraid of bad people?" Batman: "I've never been afraid of bad people."

      "What are you afraid of?" Batman: "I'm afraid of my mother. She will be very angry if I don't clean my bat cave every day."

      The students are very excited about the arrival of ‘Batman’. In the PBL of Heroes, we introduced cartoon heroes, realistic heroes and other interesting materials to help students understand the meaning of heroes. In the next section, we will let students to turn their eyes from the screen to the heroes around them, and to find heroes in everyday life.
      – Ms Suki, Primary Chinese Co-Teacher

      Inviting Batman is an appropriate opportunity for children to discover that the hero is not only in movies and animations, but also can be a real person. In the next section, we'll ask students to interview firefighters, police officers, doctors and people from other professions. Let them realise that everybody can be a hero.
      – Mr Cameron, Primary Western Co-Teacher