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    ECE International Week - Thailand

    School News

    19 Jun, 2020

    10 : 00

    • During the last school year, Yew Wah International School of Rizhao held a grand celebration for International Day. The parents and all the teachers and students wore their costumes from their own countries, presenting their culture, clothes and food of different countries, which left us all with deep and wonderful memories.

      This year, due to the epidemic, it is a pity but we have to cancel this grand celebration. However, our ECE students and teachers had a little international Day celebration within their classroom.

      This time, the theme they chose was Thailand. During International Week, ECE children learnt and studied Thai style architecture, painting, clothing and food. Children who could not return school also shared her painting of Thai architecture with us through Zoom.

      On June 19, 2020, ECE students were dressed up in the costumes of their countries and worked together to make Tom Yum Goong soup in the classroom. With the help of the teacher, the students experienced the fun of cooking.

      We are very grateful for the full support from the parents of online students. They prepared the same ingredients as the classroom and they participated in our gourmet cooking activities simultaneously.

      In addition to the Tom Yum Goong soup, we were lucky to receive Thai fishcakes and sticky rice with mango coconut juice from ECE's parents. Children would love this country more through their delicious food.

      Although the children may not be able to go to Thailand temporarily due to the global epidemic, they have learnt about the local customs, food and culture of Thailand through International Week. When the epidemic is over, we believe that they'll be eager to visit the country to check the videos and pictures they've seen in class.