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    School News

    18 May, 2020

    10 : 00

    • This week, all academic and non-academic staff at Yew Wah International School of Rizhao conducted an emergency drill on COVID-19 prevention and control.

      During the epidemic period, all staff, especially the staff of the Support and Maintenance Division, completed the study of the emergency response plan for COVID-19 outbreak at the School on the internet.

      Before the emergency drill, the staff reviewed the emergency response plan to ensure that everyone knew every detail to protect the students' health.

      To Enter the School

      Students are required to have their temperature checked and health code scanned at the school gate. After the body temperature and health code are confirmed to be normal, the staff will assist them to disinfect their hands and the soles of their shoes. Then they can head to the school building with a distance of one metre from each other.

      Before entering the school building, the school doctor will check the temperature of the students again. If the temperature is normal, the students will enter the building with one metre distance from each other. For some students who may need to be accompanied by parents, the parents have to stop at the door of the building, and then leave from the exit.

      If a student’s temperature is higher than 37.3, the student should go into the temporary isolation zone with a doctor. The doctor will measure the temperature of the student for several times, and ask the student whether he/she has lived in a key epidemic area, or had close contact with a confirmed case, a suspected case or an asymptomatic infected person during the past 14 days.

      If there is a history of contact, the school will immediately activate the emergency response plan. According to the epidemic prevention and control process, epidemic prevention and control team should be informed of the case, and then the team leader will report to the Education Bureau, the Health Center of Qinlou Street, and dial 120 to transfer the student to the fever clinic of the designated medical institution. The School Officer will inform the students' parents about the situation and ask them to co-operate with the relevant departments in epidemic prevention and control according to the procedures.

      To Enter the Classroom

      Students entering the classroom need to disinfect their hands with an alcohol spray. In order to maintain a one metre social distance, students need to stay in their seats. The teacher will further stress hygiene habits for the students during the class.

      If students report physical discomfort, fever, cough and other symptoms, one of the co-teachers of the class should send the students to the isolation area for observation by the doctor.

      If the body temperature of the student is still abnormal, and close contact history of COVID-19 cases, travel history and route history are eliminated as the cause after questioning, the doctor will ask the student's parents to take the student to hospital. Other students will attend class normally.

      To Enter the Canteen

      Students can receive meals after washing their hands and disinfecting their hands. Students should stay in their own seat during the meal to avoid unprotected face-to-face communication with other people. The staff will avoid the students' meal time and have their lunch at their own office to ensure the hygiene and safety of the students' dining environment. After the meal, students complete garbage sorting and cutlery recycling and leave the canteen in order.

      Afternoon check should be conducted before the first class in the afternoon. Those with fever or other suspected symptoms should be quarantined in time and parents should be informed.

      To Leave the Campus

      In the afternoon after school, parents with normal temperature and health code can enter the waiting area to wait for the students. The teachers will escort the students to their parents.

      Cleaning and Disinfection

      Every day before teachers and students arrive at school, the cleaning team will clean, disinfect and ventilate all the classrooms. They will clean and disinfect public and frequently touched areas in accordance with government documents and Foundation guidelines. After the teachers and students leave school, the cleaning team will clean and disinfect the whole building again. In addition, the classrooms will be disinfected by ultraviolet light at night.

      We firmly believe that during the special time, the more difficult time we had, the more the cohesion of Yew Wah community will be built. YWIS Rizhao awaits the return of every teacher and student!