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    YWIS Health Guard in Action

    School News

    08 Apr, 2020

    10 : 00

    • The COVID-19 has influenced everyone in the world. To prepare for the school re-opening, the Support and Maintenance Division (SMD) of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao returned to their posts on March 16, 2020.

      During the Chinese New Year Holiday, the Foundation issued a notice to close schools and prepare for e-learning. The school completely sanitised the school equipment and buildings to ensure it was clean and safe.

      The school cleaning team focused on the classroom and canteen disinfection first. Not only did they clean and disinfect the desks, the floor, storage cabinets, etc., but they also cleaned and disinfected the classroom carpets, sofas, toys, teaching tools, switches, remote controls and other places that students often touch with quality alcohol spray. In addition, the school cleaning team and engineering team sterilised the school's water dispensers and air purifiers, as well as the central air conditioner.

      In order to avoid the risk of aerosol infection caused by the ventilation pipes of central air conditioning connecting the classrooms, SMD contacted the construction firm urgently and adapted the exhaust pipes of each classroom directly to the outside, which effectively prevents cross-infection between the classrooms.

      Since the school announced its temporary closure in January, security officers have imposed general restrictions, forbidding any staff, students or parents from entering the school, and requiring application and inspection in advance of staff, who have to return to school for work. After returning to work, according to the school guidance for the preparation of the new semester, the staff shall come to work with a staggered schedule. Before entering the campus, the staff shall have their temperature measured, 14-day health tracking registered, health code scanned, and their hands and soles of their shoes disinfected. For door handles, the register book, ball pens and other frequently touched items, security officers will also carry out timely, regular and frequent disinfection.

      According to the instructions from the Foundation, the staff of SMD were trained through the internet. The staff not only needed to study videos and courseware and communicate with the training teachers online, but also needed to hand in class notes and answer sheets of tests, so as to ensure that each staff member has a clear understanding of the working tasks and priorities. The school also listed detailed and specific guidelines and response measures for all staff.

      Headed by the School Leadership Team, the epidemic management team and the school re-opening planning team have prepared comprehensive and detailed pre-reopening plans for student temperature checking before entering and leaving school, staggered schedules for lunch breaks, and entering and leaving school, emergency treatment, and emergency notification network.

      We believe that mankind will overcome this disaster, and we look forward to the campus with laughter from the students.