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    E-Learning at YWIS:Chinese Section

    School News

    06 Mar, 2020

    10 : 00

    • When February is coming to an end, the e-learning of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao has been going on for four weeks. Under the influence of the new coronavirus, the way we live and learn has changed a lot. We are very grateful to the YWIS parents for their full support to the teaching work, so that the e-learning process can quickly get on track. Meanwhile, teachers were constantly adjusting their teaching plans to achieve better results of e-learning.

      Ms Suki, Chinese Teacher of the Primary section, helped students improve their spoken and written Chinese through a variety of teaching methods of e-learning.

      “Firstly, as a new teacher at YWIS, I have been thinking about how to carry out online teaching on the one hand and narrow the distance with students on the other. Especially for CAL students, learning Chinese is a challenging task. For parents, how to help students to learn Chinese at home has also become a difficult problem. Therefore, I prepared my own video of reading words and texts for the CAL group to help the students overcome the difficulties, and reduce the burden of the parents. The students share the works of each day through photos and videos, and parents would also participate.

      Besides, for the Chinese Studies Course, I’d like to make it closer to the actual situation. I prepared articles, such as ’Why Can't We Go out’, ’Yuanxiao and Virus’, and ’Readme from Viruses and Bacteria’ which are related to the topics to let the students know more about the new coronavirus and how to prevent it. I hope the students can better protect themselves, wash their hands, and keep hygienic. Each student made relevant posters and shared their own thoughts and feelings.”

      – Ms Suki, Chinese Academic Team of YWIS

      Ms Laura, the Chinese Co-Teacher of the Lower Primary, and the mother of a primary school student, switches back and forth between the two roles. On the go, she also found a special solution for herself.

      “Working from home is busier than usual, with the role of teacher on one side and parent on the other. While teaching online and urging students to complete their tasks, I also watch my child to complete various online assignments sent by her teacher. But no matter how hard it is, I feel happy every time I see the homework and videos uploaded by students. The students did their homework very carefully. We should thank YWIS parents for their understanding and support.”

      – Ms Laura, Chinese Academic Team of YWIS

      Mr Vivian, the Chinese Co-ordinator of YWIS, encouraged teachers to use more creative activities to help students better benefit from e-learning. His groups of students recently learnt "vocal enlightenment", which extended the activities of singing, recording and editing videos. In this way, the students at different places of the world can greet their friends.

      “Since the start of e-learning, I have felt busy, fulfilled, challenged and also a sense of mission. I have also gained a deeper understanding of my role. Education is not only about teaching knowledge, but also paying special attention to children's psychological need, so that they can be positive and optimistic every day. In addition, we are also trying to guide children to reflect on and discuss the epidemic through some learning activities.

      Each child is faced with new challenges. Under such a special learning mode, can they maintain a self-disciplined learning habit? How can teachers, students and parents work together to face this new challenge? What can students really learn in the process? Those are particularly worth thinking questions for teachers, students and parents. – Ms Vivian, Chinese Co-ordinator of YWIS

      Stay healthy! The flowers of spring are blooming soon.