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    Little Tea Mountain Overnight Field Trip

    School News

    17 Dec, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On November 14, 2019, the Primary students of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao experienced their first overnight filed trip – Little Tea Mountain trip.

      YWIS have at least one field trip every semester, which continues the learning theme in the classroom and practice in the outdoor class. This trip to Little Tea Mountain is not only an opportunity to enjoy the natural environment, Chinese tea culture and traditional Chinese music art forms, but also an opportunity to spend a night away from home and experience collective life.

      In this overnight experience, Lower Primary students learnt to organise their own personal belongings, and get ready for bed by themselves. The Upper Primary students not only took good care of themselves, but also helped their younger schoolmates with dressing and combing their hair.

      To make sure students' safety, teachers, together with the group leader of each room, helped students get ready for bed and read before going to sleep. After the lights were off, teachers also checked in shifts to ensure that no accidents occurred in the rooms. Parents can also view photos and videos of the activities from the classroom sharing platform.

      On the first day of the trip, the students viewed the scenery and characteristic buildings of the Little Tea Mountain and watched an English movie Shrek in the coffee house.

      On the second day of the trip, the children from ECE joined in. Students in the Primary presented the song they learnt in the Chinese PBL – “Amazing Chinese Characters".

      The students' performances seemed to arouse the enthusiasm of folk music performers, who sang classic opera pieces accompanied by traditional instruments such as the dulcimer and erhu. International school children became interested in these traditional instruments and couldn't wait to try them.

      Thanks to the guide teacher of Little Tea Mountain, who explained to us the different baking, fermentation and brewing methods and tastes of tea, in different countries with different climates. We also want to thank the tea art teacher for showing the students how to brew tea. With gifts from Little Tea Mountain, the children returned home and made a cup of tea for their parents. For moms and dads, nothing could be sweeter than this cup of tea!