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    Summer Projects in Progress

    School News

    01 Aug, 2019

    10 : 00

    • In the middle of the summer holidays, the Supporting Division of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao is still working on their positions, so that students can come back and find a new side of the school.

      Tennis and Basketball Courts Project

      In order to increase students' outdoor activity space, the School changed the former north parking lot into basketball and tennis courts for students' activities. After bidding for several projects, the school finally chose the supplier of environment-friendly rubber.

      Classroom Smartboard Update

      With support of IT Division, the original projective and interactive intelligent boards are upgraded into set projective intelligent board that can be written on with marker. It provides teachers with more choices of interactive teaching software that they can use in class.

      Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment

      Spring and autumn are the seasons of high incidence of infantile infectious diseases. As Classrooms are the most commonly used semi-enclosed places for students, we not only should ensure daily ventilation and daily cleaning after students leaving school, but also need to carry out disinfection, to prevent the indirect infection of diseases in the classroom. Ultraviolet disinfection equipment can sterilise the classroom environment continuously and control the spread of bacteria and viruses effectively, so that children would have a safer learning environment.

      Washbasin tables Update

      The Supporting Division repaired and updated the damaged washbasin of the toilets, which made them more beautiful and sanitary.

      Overall Cleaning

      The cleaning team of Supporting Division moved the desks, chairs and cabinets in the room to the corridor, and cleaned every classroom, canteen and office with floor brushing machine. Classroom desks, chairs, carpets and cabinets had also been cleaned and disinfected.

      Canteen Staff Training

      In order to provide students with more diverse food, the canteen staff went to Yew Chung International School of Qingdao to communicate with canteen staff from various campuses of Yew Wah & Yew Chung.

      Thanks to the hard work of the Supporting Division and IT Division, the School will take on a new look. Let's look forward to the beginning of the next school year!