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    Year 6 Trip in Guangzhou Campus

    School News

    26 Apr, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On April 12, 2019, Year 6 students of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao went to Yew Wah International Education School of Guangzhou to attend the Chinese Speech Contest, "How to Study Chinese Traditional Culture and Literature in International Schools". Our students won third prize as the youngest contestants and were interviewed by journalists from Yew Wah International Education School.

      On April 11, the students of Rizhao campus entered the classroom of Year 6 in Guangzhou campus, and took part in lessons and activities together with the students of two different classes. The active participation of the students of YWIS Rizhao was praised by the teachers.

      On the morning of April 12, students of YWIS Rizhao participated in the Chinese Accomplishment Contest held by the Primary Division of YWIES Guangzhou, and participated in the study activities of 24 solar terms held by the Secondary Division. They had in-depth interaction and communication with Secondary students about the 24 solar terms.

      The "How to Study Chinese Traditional Culture and Literature in International Schools" theme speech contest was held on the afternoon of April 12. As international school students lived and studied in a multicultural environment every day, they had a deeper understanding of cultural differences than others. Carrying out the idea of integrating Chinese and Western education, Yew Wah not only introduces the Western language and thinking to students, but also introduces the beauty of Chinese traditional culture and language to them.

      At the Character Education Assembly on April 26, the Vice-Principal presented the trophies to the Year 6 students, encouraging them to maintain their active interest in Chinese learning in the future.