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    International Day Celebration

    School News

    29 Mar, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Between March 25 and 29, 2019, there was the International Week of YWIS Rizhao. On March 29, teachers, students and parents of YWIS Rizhao held a wonderful International Day Celebration together. We were also honoured to invite the leaders of the Education Bureau and the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration to participate in this event.

      Thanks to the school parents’ active participation in the preparation of delicious food from different countries that were brought to the International Day Celebration. There were Chinese sugar-coated haws, dumplings and Beijing roasted duck; And there were also beef hot pot, fried spicy rice cake, sticky rice cakes, rice dew from South Korea; Red velvet cake, macaroni and cheese, apple pie, hot dogs from the United States; French crepes, chocolate fondue with mashmallows; Weetbix biscuits from New Zealand; Fruit pudding from England; Mango sticky rice from Thailand; Salty milk tea from Mongolia; Iranian food shole zard, etc.

      Students, parents and teachers were all dressed in costumes of their countries. The event became an international costume carnival. Some of the Chinese groups wore Hanfu, some wore red and black rope from the Qin dynasty, some wore cheongsam of the republic of China, and some were in the dress of the Qing dynasty. The Korean group wore traditional Korean clothing Hanbok. The gorgeous patterns on silk and the embroidery on the dress, showed the pursuit of beauty in this culture. There were also American west cowboy costume, Scottish kilt, Thai jacket, Mongolian vest and so on.

      The celebration began with the parade of the children from different countries holding their own national flags and signs and walking on the stage. They were proud of their country.

      The Lower Primary students opened the show by singing a song “We Are the World”. The children in various costumes singing this famous song also embodies the school motto of Yew Wah, "Align with science and technology, align with culture and arts, and align with love and charity".

      The Upper Primary students videoed a Greek dance performance in advance for the day and sang a Cantonese song "I Love You Truly".

      Children from ECE presented Scottish Eightsome reel dance, Scottish song “Ally Bally” and ancient poem singing performance “Silent Night Thoughts”. Thank ECE children for bringing us a cheerful and warm performance.

      With exciting music, the students of the taekwondo class presented a splendid taekwondo performance. When a little girl made a standard front kick, the audience burst into exclamation.

      After the performances and meals, parents and students came to the classrooms to see the works made by the students in the country study. Students taught parents to play traditional games in different countries. Finally, we ended the event with a Chinese traditional game called “Cuju”.

      During this week, ECE teacher occasionally used the Scottish accent on purpose, making it a fun way for children to communicate with their teachers. Mr Andrew Watt, the Vice-Principal of YWIS Rizhao, also introduced students to the customs of his country New Zealand. The five-day international theme week ended. Students learnt much about the celebrities, architecture, music, food, culture, etc. in Scotland, Italy, France, Spain and Greece.