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    YWIS Thank You Day

    School News

    10 Dec, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Gratitude is an indispensable quality in our life. Simple magic words “Thank you” can build recognition, trust and respect among people.

      On December 7, 2018, teachers and students of YWIS Rizhao had their first Thank You Day. Since then, the first Friday of each month is set as the Thank You Day of YWIS Rizhao.

      With hand-made thank you cards, teachers and students of YWIS Rizhao showed their appreciation to the chefs who have been quietly serving us safe food and taking care of our health, Support Division staff who help us to add and maintain classroom facilities, and school guards who keep us safe.

      Please say “Thank you” more often, and our world will become a better place.