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    Character Trait Assembly of October - Perseverance

    School News

    09 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The Character Trait Assembly of October was held at YWIS Rizhao with the theme of perseverance.

      At first, Lower Primary students presented the parents with the knowledge and inspiration they gained from the study of this month. Perseverance is one of the most important qualities in learning and living. Then, they brought us a song about perseverance.

      Lower Primary students told us a story “The Race between Hare and Tortoise” both in English and Chinese. They also presented their English short play by video which was written, directed and acted by themselves without teachers’ help.

      In our life, we will meet some people who are of great significance to us. They encourage us to persist when we are faced with difficulties. The Upper Primary students made a poster with the names of people who helped them to persist, and sang a song to express their gratefulness to these people.

      The Upper Primary students also sang a Chinese song about the theme. While singing, a student played cucurbit flute, which made the audience cheer.

      Finally, the Upper Primary students ended the performance with a rap written by themselves.

      Throughout this month, all of the students put the quality of perseverance into practice. After making a tough decision, the teachers award the certificate to six students.

      The theme of November's Character Education is responsibility. As a Primary school student, one should learn to be responsible for their own words and deeds, instead of blaming others for the consequences of their own actions. Let's expect what YWIS students will present to us next month.