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    The First YWIS Cup Chinese Debate Competition

    School News

    02 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • This week, the 1st "YWIS Cup Chinese Debate Competition" was held in the Upper Primary classroom of YWIS Rizhao.

      As it was the first time for the Chinese debate, only Chinese native speakers group attended the competition. The topic of the debate was: "Should primary school students have homework?"

      It was a heated debate; students used the materials they collected before class to support their arguments. They not only used data to make sense, but also made examples of famous people and quoted sentences from the Analects.

      Other students, who are not native speakers of Chinese, were also moved by the atmosphere while watching the fight, and they raised their hands to express their opinions during free debate time.

      Finally, three judges selected the best debaters and the best team based on the sufficient preparation of the arguments, logical thinking, adaptability and teamwork.

      The other students were eager to have a try. It is believed that the 2nd "YWIS Cup Chinese Debate Competition" will be held soon.