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    Character Trait Education of September - Respect

    School News

    30 Sep, 2018

    10 : 00

    • YWIS Rizhao’s first Character Trait Assembly of 2018/2019 was held on September 28, 2018. The theme of this month is respect. Throughout the month, students learnt and experienced what respect was from various aspects. In addition, they produced respect themed painting, writing and acrostic.

      Upper Primary students started the Character Trait Assembly with resonant singing and energetic dancing. The students' confident singing and performance impressed the audience under the stage.

      The next, Lower Primary students performed a short play demonstrating mutual respect in the classroom. Afterwards, they showed everyone the posters they made with the theme of respect and described their own understanding of respect.

      The short plays of Upper Primary were divided into five units. They not only wrote their own scripts, but also designed costumes based on their understanding of the characters.

      The Lower Primary students showed their progress in English during the first month of this semester by reciting an English poem and won a round of applause.

      Upper Primary students’ achievements of this month were abundant. They organised Lunch Monitors, Sustainability Committee, Play Leaders and Weekly News Team to ensure that students' school life could be more enriched and well organised.

      Lunch Monitors: Remind students to prepare in advance before lunch time, organise them to line up for the meal, and supervise the finished plates were put back to the right place.

      Sustainability Committee: Manage the recycling of classroom resources, advise students to take their meals not more than they can eat and make sure the lights are off when nobody is in the classroom.

      Play Leaders: Help students make the rules during the play time and supervise the implementation of the rules. Cheating is not allowed in the game.

      Weekly News Team: Make news reports about the school every week. Don't be surprised if you get interviewed by them at school.

      At the end of the assembly, teachers awarded the students who met the standards of respect during this month.