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    Upper Primary and ECE Share Science Topic: Space Exploration and Solar System

    School News

    15 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Throughout human history, we have never stopped our imagination and exploration of the universe. For curious students, space exploration is always an exciting topic.

      Last week, ECE and Upper Primary students shared the same science topic: Space Exploration and the Solar System.

      Upper Primary students were the teachers and they chose different aspects of space and prepared reports, e.g., comets, orbits, wax and wane of the moon.

      In order to explain the scale of solar system simply, the Upper Primary students demonstrated the planets of the solar system in a line. “Comparing with these planets, we are as tiny as dust,” said the Upper Primary student who was also the lecturer of the solar system.

      “Who can name a planet in the solar system?”
      Everybody clapped and cheered an ECE student when she answered “Mercury!”

      The most interesting activity for ECE students was the rocket-launching experiment. Volunteers from ECE stamped on a plastic bottle and the air in the bottle pushed the rocket model on the bottle neck. The students became very excited when the rocket model flew across the classroom.

      From this week, Upper Primary students will discuss a more complicated topic: How to make a rocket fly higher and farther?