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    March Character Trait Assembly

    School News

    28 Mar, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The March Character Trait Assembly on March 28, 2018, held at the music room of the school, was different from other assemblies in that it was held on Wednesday and combined the traits of “kindness” and “confidence”.

      In March, five new students joined YWIS Rizhao. Our old students demonstrated “kindness and friendliness” by inviting them to play together, translating for them in class and introducing them to the school routines.

      The assembly commenced with a short play presented by Lower Primary students. They played several scenes: inviting a new classmate to join in their game, comforting and helping a crying child who fell and was hurt. The Lower Primary demonstrated that kindness is to care for others.

      ECE students brought us their photo album that showed how they were being kind to friends. The ECE photos show the children hugging each other, moving heavy boxes together and helping others in group activities.

      To present “confidence”, Lower Primary sang a Chinese song, “Country and Home”, and then Upper Primary showed their confidence in Chinese tongue twisters.

      Our students are not only confident, but also have learnt to encourage others to gain confidence. Lower Primary enacted how teachers encourage them in reading class.

      Upper Primary displayed their confidence by accepting challenges from the audience. Some students were clever in maths, some were competent in table tennis, balancing, push-ups, lifting and holding their legs, and even a “no-blink” challenge.

      At the end of the assembly, some students were awarded certificates for “showing kindness to new students” and “showing confidence in class”.