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    Chinese New Year Concert

    School News

    07 Feb, 2018

    10 : 00

    • On February 7, 2018, the annual Chinese New Year Concert was held at Yew Wah International School of Rizhao. Our students presented brilliant performances with Chinese elements to celebrate the approach of 2018 Lunar New Year.

      Lower and Upper Primary in a choir sang an introduction song “Celebrate the New Year”.

      Next, the ECE students, wearing crowns featuring animal drawings, surprised the audience with their amazing performance of What’s your Chinese Zodiac Animal. To the delight of the audience, they danced and imitated the sounds of the zodiac animals

      In Chinese culture, plum blossom symbolises a strong mind and tenacious vitality. Lower Primary’s poem dancing Plum Blossom was appreciated by the audience.

      Next, everyone enjoyed the beautiful melodies of a pop song presented by Upper Primary about Chinese traditional culture – ink painting.

      Another performance by ECE students was an entertaining lovely fan dance that generated laughter from the audience. The students made a bow with their hands folded in front and sang their blessings to everyone.

      Dressed in a variety of colourful costumes, Lower Primary students enacted a Chinese opera. Throughout the opera, the students confidently demonstrated their acting and Chinese language skills.

      The rock song presented by Upper Primary was very exciting, especially when two students jumped off the stage and impersonated guitar playing rock stars.

      Lower Primary students in Han costumes sang the “Study Song”, and shared their daily studying time via a music video.

      The grand finale was a kung fu performance by Upper Primary and their actions and postures demonstrated the fluid movements of Chinese martial arts.

      To round off the Chinese New Year Concert, all the students and teachers stepped onto the stage and took their curtain call. Finally, the principal wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and safe holiday.