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    2017 Christmas Winter Concert

    School News

    13 Dec, 2017

    10 : 00

    • During Christmas our ECE students (Early Childhood Education) decorated a Christmas tree for everyone to see, especially guests at our Christmas Winter Concert on December 13.

      To open the Christmas Winter Concert, Lower Primary sang a humorous song called Christmas on the Beach to illustrate that in other countries Christmas is not always snow and cold weather.

      Next, Upper Primary did their version of another popular song about Christmas, Thirteen Days of Christmas.

      The young students from ECE engaged in an action song and built a little snowman on stage.

      During the item break Upper Primary students presented a 1-minute brief introduction of Christmas celebrations in different countries, and how they celebrate Christmas at home.

      Next, Lower Primary offered a stage play The Littlest Christmas Tree and shared their thought of Christmas spirit – Sharing and Love.

      Throughout another item break Lower Primary students talked about their plan for the Christmas holiday and what gift they would like to receive from Santa Claus.

      The audience thoroughly enjoyed Upper Primary’s action dance to Santa Claus is Coming to Town and some parents joined in the singing.

      For Lower Primary students, it was an unforgettable day, because they said goodbye to a classmate who will return to her country next year. They expressed their best wishes and sang a Chinese farewell song “Song Bie “to express their friendship.

      Our Christmas Winter Programme grand finale demonstrated the students’ improvement in violin studies. The Lower and Upper Primary students were accompanied on piano by our music teacher Mr Cao and they gave a delightful violin performance. Some of the audience hummed the melody while the students played.