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    That's What Friends Are for

    School News

    14 Nov, 2017

    10 : 00

    • To welcome the new school year and new friends to YWIS Rizhao, we chose “friendship” as the theme of the character trait for September. The students explored the concepts and positive qualities of friendship throughout the month. Teachers encouraged students to consider and reflect upon their own relationships and friends.

      The “friendship” assembly begun with an introductory song by Upper Primary titled “That’s What Friends Are for”. The repetitive chorus of “For good times and bad times / I'll be on your side forever more / That's what friends are for” assisted students to reflect on the true meaning of friendship.

      The opening song was followed by contributions from Lower Primary students that included poetry and songs about friendship. Then Upper Primary performed a short dramatic reading and role play adapted from an Eric Carle story about a little mouse that was searching for a friend. Students, parents and teachers were asked to participate in an animal guessing game. The clues given on the accompanying PowerPoint were the tails of various animals. It was a great way to get everyone involved and caused lots of laughter.

      Three students received awards for demonstrating friendly behaviour and practice during school in September. “Friendship” was a wonderful way to commence the academic year and we look forward to everyone at YWIS supporting this trait throughout 2017-2018!