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    Curiosity Leads Us down New Paths

    School News

    28 Apr, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Millions of people saw the apple fall from the tree, but Newton asked WHY? He was curious. At the Yew Wah International School of Rizhao, CURIOSITY was our most recent character trait.

      Throughout April, teachers encouraged students to explore curiosity via different ways in their learning. For example, Upper Primary investigated the ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt for their Social Science class and used the technique to create their name; Lower Primary students asked questions and discovered answers about seasons, especially for spring.

      On April 28, 2017, a Curiosity Character Trait Assembly was held. The Upper Primary students shared questions and answers about tea from their Chinese Culture Class. Then the Lower Primary students sang a bright and catchy song “Curious Bee” in Chinese.

      Afterwards, there was an interesting magic maths show. Maths techniques, mental calculations, number picking, numerical card tricks, were performed by selected Upper Primary Maths Club students. The audience was amazed by the students’ maths skills.

      Finally, two students were awarded certificates who displayed “Curiosity” during the month. We believe the future belongs to the curious – those who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.