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    Persistence Is Essential to Success

    School News

    31 Mar, 2017

    10 : 00

    • A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.

      Throughout history people have always known that persistence is the key ingredient in success. Persistence is never far from us and it runs through daily study and our work lives. For example, never give up on a difficult maths problem until you have succeeded, just try several different ways until you finally succeed, practise a word over and over until you can say it naturally, keep on climbing that mountain until you reach the top and enjoy the amazing view. Persistence is the fundamental difference between a successful outcome and a failed outcome.

      Persistence was chosen as the theme for the Character Trait in March. After practising and experiencing challenges throughout the month, the students, teachers and parents of Yew Wah International School of Rizhao presented their Character Trait Assembly on March 31, 2017.

      To commence the assembly, the Upper Primary students sang an inspirational song “Snail”. The students learnt from the song that you should never give up on your dream. Make it come true by persisting even when you are just a little snail; even at a snail’s pace you can get there.

      The Lower Primary students showed their understanding of persistence to parents by sharing their understanding of the meaning of the word in English. They also demonstrated how they had learnt to tell the time on a clock face and also shared their favourite weather in Chinese.

      The Upper Primary Magic Club students also shared their success in learning difficult tricks. Then, all the students demonstrated how well they had improved with juggling after practising throughout the month.

      Finally we congratulated three students who were voted “Persistence Star” for the month of March!