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    After-School Activities for Semester 2 Start

    School News

    15 Mar, 2017

    10 : 00

    • The after-school activities (ASA) for semester 2 at Yew Wah International School of Rizhao started on March 15, 2017. This semester, our creative teachers offered a variety of interesting activities for the students to choose from. ASA allows students a chance to explore their interests as well as building onto their communication, creative, physical, social and thinking skills for future success. Check out our fun ASA classes below!

      Short Tennis

      Short tennis is a ball game that has a number of rules. Students will learn the basics of tennis, using soft balls, lower nets and small rackets. As our teacher says, students must be ready to learn a new set of skills and be prepared to wear a smile.

      Maths Club

      The Maths Club is for students who want to learn different ways of doing maths. A good grasp of English is important as delivery is in English. Make maths fun and interesting!

      art/craft activities are put together and presented by three teachers.


      Sticks hold such fascination for children and they can create COOL ART with them. The sticks can be glued or taped together to create all sorts of wonderful objects and designs. Best of all, it’s a fun learning experience!

      Stone Painting

      Students will use a variety of stones with different sizes and colours to create wonderful pictures/patterns.

      Paper Weaving

      Paper weaving is a fun no-mess craft for students. It is a great fine motor skills activity for all ages, because you use your hands to weave. Students explore different ways of weaving to make interesting designs/animals.