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    Making Dumplings to Welcome "Chinese Small Year"

    School News

    20 Jan, 2017

    10 : 00

    • To welcome the Chinese traditional “Small Year” and deepen the understanding of Chinese traditional culture for our international students and parents, Chuan Ge Yu Dumpling Restaurant and MixC Mall invited YWIS Rizhao and YWIEK Rizhao to a “Dumpling Making Contest” in the lobby of MixC Mall on January 20th, 2017.

      Before starting the event, Mr Cheng, the chef of Chuan Ge Yu restaurant demonstrated the art of making dumplings to the contestants. Dumplings may be small, but making them is not an easy job. It’s not all about wrapping rolled pastry around a prepared filling. Making dumplings is an important cultural part of the Chinese New Year and patience and skill is required to make the “perfect” dumpling.

      The contestants practised rolling dough and checking their ingredients and then the host announced that the contest would begin. Throughout the next 30 minutes, the students and parents worked together to make a tray of dumplings. For some of our students who are not Chinese, this was an experience because it was the first time they made dumplings. Although their dumplings were not as well shaped as the chef had made; they enthusiastically concentrated on their task. The child/parent teams worked co-operatively and their dumplings expressed new ideas in making dumplings. Dumplings can be made in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can represent gold ingots, fish and moneybags. Our students and parents had a great time!

      Finally, after assessing the student’s dumplings, the chef announced that three teams from YWIS Rizhao and YWIEK Rizhao had won prizes. Congratulations to the winners!

      In China, dumplings carry a special significance of family reunion, happiness and wealth. With this opportunity, YWIS Rizhao wish you having a happy “Chinese Small Year”!