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    Are You a Good Friend?

    School News

    11 Oct, 2016

    10 : 00

    • As we all know, friends are an important part of our life. For the 2016/2017 school year, YWIS Rizhao’s first character trait of the month was FRIENDSHIP!

      Teachers encouraged students to think about what a good friend is and what kind of characteristics a good friend should have. Each day from the end of August and during September, students participated in specific activities to develop a better understanding of the meaning of friendship”.

      YWIS students, teachers and parents attended a round-up assembly of “Friendship” in the Library on Friday morning September 30. Lower Primary students sang two upbeat songs related to the book The Rainbow Fish – a story about sharing with friends. We were impressed by a touching Chinese farewell melody sang by Upper Primary. Finally a special Good Citizen Award was awarded to a student who demonstrated “doing the right things even when nobody was looking” throughout our Friendship Character Trait. At the assembly, we were very pleased to welcome a visitor from Hong King, Mrs Shirley Mead, Superintendent of Yew Chung International Schools. She is a familiar face to most parents and students and she shared her experience about friendship with us.