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    Parents and Students Conference Session

    School News

    21 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • On April 21, a “Parents/Students Morning Conference Hour” was held at YWIS Rizhao. It is a time for parents to come and listen to their child sharing their learning.

      Year 1 students were very excited and happy to show their parents their books. They discussed their work and gave tours of the classroom. “Mummy, I wrote this story in English by myself!” said one student proudly and the mother nodded approvingly with a smile. In Upper Primary the students recited a poem and presented a PowerPoint on their research of the Antarctica, explorers and penguins. As well, students introduced a story book in Chinese that they had made individually during their reading class.

      We continue to provide a holistic education that nurtures the whole child and promotes multiple-intelligence development to allow students to develop their own individual talents. We also value our partnership with parents. Thank you for being part of our YWIS Rizhao family!