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    A Brief Introduction of Chinese Kites

    School News

    20 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Kites, known in ancient China as zhiyuan (paper kites) or muyao (wooden kites), fall into two major groups – the Southern Group and the Northern Group.

      In the South of China, kites are usually called yaozi (harrier) or banyao (wooden harrier), while in the North of China they are known as muyuan (wooden hawk), fengyuan (wind hawk) or feiyuan (flying hawk). As a folk art, the Chinese kite is usually made of painted silk on a bamboo frame, with a silk string attached to it. China has a long history of kite flying as a leisure activity in the spring because the weather is warmer and it is windy. Weifang city in Shandong province is the most famous kite-flying city in China. Every year numerous kite lovers go there to fly their kites and to participate in athletics and sightseeing. Of all the art forms in the Chinese culture, kites are one of the most well-known handicraft arts with national characteristics and have become a favourite pastime among people.