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    2022 YWIS Chinese New Year Concert

    School News

    28 Jan, 2022

    10 : 00

    • On 28 January, YWIS Rizhao held its 9th Chinese New Year Concert, which also served as warm-up for the 90th Anniversary celebration of YCYW.

      Members of the Yew Wah community all dressed up for the Concert and had a great time with the different activities which included writing Spring Festival couplets and the character "Fu", attaching cards to the wishing wall, taking family photos, games and a lot more.

      The audience were impressed by the students’ performance including dragon dance, Tibetan dance and singing, etc .

      As we waved goodbye to the past year and welcomed the new one, all of us at Yew Wah Rizhao wish you the best of luck in the Year of the Tiger.