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    How to Apply

    Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child into YWIS Rizhao. Applications can be accepted all throughout the year and applying to YWIS Rizhao has been simplified into a process of five steps, which we encourage you to review carefully.

    Application Process

    • STEP
      Complete the Admissions Application Form

      1. Complete the YWIS Rizhao Student Application Form

      2. For Year 2 to Year 6 applicants, please provide photocopies of school academic reports/records and any other relevant documentation for the most recent two years. (For Year 1 applicants and below, please include any school reports/records, if available). These reports/records must be in either English or Chinese, translated if needed by an authorised agency.

      3. Payment of the Application Fee (non-refundable) of RMB 2,000 yuan by:

      • Cash (in RMB only); or
      • Electronic/bank transfer (in RMB only) according to the information in the YWIS Rizhao Fee Schedule.
        Note: Credit card or personal cheques cannot be accepted.

      4. One passport-sized photo for each child with the passport name of the child neatly printed on the back of each photo.

      5. Identification Documents of both the child and the parent(s)/guardian (scanned originals or photocopies)

      (a) Foreign Passport holders:

      • Passport
      • Visa (may be submitted later, but before starting school)

      (b) Hong Kong and Macau residents:

      • Passport
      • Permanent Identity Card
      • Employment Permit

      (c) Taiwan residents:

      • Mainland Travel Permit
      • Employment Permit
    • STEP
      Placement Test & Interview (if needed)

      Admissions Department will contact you to arrange any necessary placement testing and/or meetings/interviews.

    • STEP
      Application Review and Decision Notification

      The Admissions Committee will review your application, and the decision will be sent to you by email. If your application has been approved, you will also receive an Offer of Placement shortly afterwards with the invoice for payment of school fees.

    • STEP
      Fees Payment

      To confirm the offer, payment of the placement deposit and other school fees must be made by the specified due date on the invoice.

    • STEP
      Starting School

      Before starting school, parents will complete the preparation steps provided by Admissions, which includes signing the Offer of Placement, confirming school uniform collection, lunch, and bus arrangements (if applicable), and bringing items needed for the very first day of school.